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simplifying Structured Cabling


The speed of your technology is only as good as the cable infrastructure it runs on.  It’s a key part of any network, yet often overlooked.  GnM Technology partners with industry leading structured cable providers to deliver quality workmanship on every project.

Installation Services:

  • Indoor / Outdoor Design

  • Fiber Optic, Cat 5e & Cat 6 Data Cable, and Voice Cable Installation

  • Cable TV/Satellite TV Coaxial Video Applications

  • Computer Rooms and Distribution Frames

  • Retro-Fits of Existing Buildings and Computer Rooms

  • Wall Racks, Wall Cabinet Enclosures

  • Floor Racks, Floor Cabinet Enclosures

  • Fiber Optic Enclosures and Distribution

  • Vertical and Horizontal Wire Management

  • Horizontal Ladder Rack Systems

  • And more...

Solutions that work for you!

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