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Website Hosting and Design Services.

A presence on the web is a requirement for business.  Whether you sell custom creations, personal services, high tech widgets or rent vacation homes, the web is where the world looks for products and services.


Many times, it is the “First Impression” you are able to make on potential customers.  At GnM we understand the importance of your Web presence and take pride in presenting your business in a manner that will build confidence from first contact, at a very economical price.

 GnM’s  Hosting and Design Services are designed to help small business get onto the web and begin the process of building new relationships. 


At GnM we offer economical Design and Hosting plans that highlight your Business.

We turn your vision into a solution you will be anxious to share with current and potential clients alike.

Leave the technology to us!

Solutions that work for you!

Web Design Portfolio

Website Hosting Plans


Upfront Cost: $0

Monthly Recurring Cost: $75.00


This plan is your on-ramp onto the Web.  Your first presence.


One Page Website


2 hours of update credits

Business Basic

Upfront Cost: $350.00

Monthly Recurring Cost: $99.00


Ideal for a small business.  Increased digital footprint.


Multi-Page Website

  - Up to 6 pages


4 hours of update credits

Business Advanced

Upfront Cost: $750.00

Monthly Recurring Cost: $150.00


Ideal for medium to large business.  Advanced digital presence.


Multi-Page Website

  - Up to 10 pages


6 hours of update credits

eCommerce capable

Google Analytics

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